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October 30, 2014
by tsadmin

I’m Not Getting Any Younger – Time to Plan My Estate

So, I have a meeting with a San Jose estate planning attorney. I felt it’s time to get a grip on “what if” scenarios that could transpire should I pass away.  Today I’ll blog about what I took away from the experience and hopefully help some of you who are looking at this situation. It’s not fun, it isn’t always cheap, but it’s very smart.

What Is Included In An Estate Planning Meeting? 

goldcoins Im Not Getting Any Younger   Time to Plan My Estate

Estate planning is the best way to keep things in order should you pass away.

Estate planning and management is no easy feat as a lot of planning and decision making is involved in the process. Estate planning meetings determine the outcome of many possibilities. The main member of the meeting is an attorney who has experience with setting up wills, trusts and other domains involved in the process.

Planning for your assets involves a lot of ground work and certain other elements that should be handled well before time. For a successful estate planning meeting with an attorney, you need to figure out the following things on your own with your spouse.

Estate Handling

How do you and your spouse want to handle your assets? There are certain factors that you need to take into account such as if you both die at the same time what happens to your estate? Moreover, another scenario could involve death of one spouse before another. Both these things need to be discussed and clearly defined in the meeting.

Another important factor to take into account in handling is determining whether your estate will stay in your bloodline or not. For instance, if one of your children dies after having a baby and their spouse remarries, would you want the new spouse and your child’s baby to be a part of the estate or not.


Inheritance is another crucial element of estate planning. In the meeting, you should clearly determine whether you want your children to get everything at the time you die or if you want them to get a consistent and ongoing income from your assets. If you are looking to set up means of ongoing income, you should determine the amount that they should receive and the frequency of payments.

You must also discuss your estate and its division to your new spouse in case you decide to remarry. Will your spouse be getting any of your assets or everything will go to your grandchildren and children?

Include Everything In Your Estate

You must include everything you own in your total assets when planning. For example, if you have any other asset such as a vacation home, you must include that in your estate planning. You should also decide on any extra properties that must be included. Moreover, you must also not forget to discuss all the other major assets with the attorney in the planning meeting.

October 20, 2014
by tsadmin

The Better Choice – Botox Injections or Face Lift through Plastic Surgery?

There are many people who want to remove the wrinkles on their face, which make them feel old, but want to avoid the risk associated with getting a face lift through plastic surgery, and being operated on by a surgical knife. An excellent alternative to the traditional face lift through surgery is to get a face lift through Botox injections. Of course, there are some things that you need to know about Botox injections before you decide to use them, just like with any other procedure.

I consulted with the SkinMedicalSpa San Francisco Botox administrator.  They have given me a lot of essential information as it pertains to botox.

shutterstock 133511165 202x300 The Better Choice   Botox Injections or Face Lift through Plastic Surgery?

Botox is a very popular method of hiding wrinkles.

Botox is a safe and effective way of getting a face lift without having to undergo cosmetic surgery, and has also been proven to have lesser side effects. We shall now look at some of the pros and cons of getting a Botox face lift, to help you make a better decision.

Advantages of getting a Botox face lift:

  • It has been proven to be a safe alternative to being operated on by a surgical knife, in which there could be complications.
  • Botox injections can be used to complement other types of cosmetic surgeries as well.
  • Many types of wrinkles can be removed by Botox injections, including frown lines, brow lines, crow’s feet, etc.

Removing lines and wrinkles is the main motive of getting Botox injections. People who have gotten these injections have been impressed by the result achieved and also how quick the procedure is, along with the fact that there is almost no pain involved in the process.

There are many advantages of getting Botox injections, but it should also be noted that there are a few common side effects and risks that you can experience when going through this procedure, like with any other cosmetic procedure. These are not very serious but should still be taken into consideration.

Possible side effects/Risks associated with Botox:

  • Temporary nausea or headaches.
  • Swelling or bruising in the area where Botox injections are applied.
  • Symptoms that can be comparable to those of when you have the flu.
  • Allergic reactions that may cause the eyelid or eyebrow to temporarily sag lower.

These side-effects can be prevented or controlled by using the right injection techniques, and hence selecting the right physician or surgeon to administer the Botox injection is crucial. You should also schedule an appointment with the doctor who gives you these Botox injections to go over any health conditions that you have or a possible reaction to any medication that you might be taking. There are some medications that have been known to cause side effects to Botox injections, and these include antibiotics, or medications for the heart and also Alzheimer’s.

There should also be great care in assessing if it is acceptable to treat you with Botox injections by your physician, accounting for your specific situation. Pregnant women or nursing women are recommended to not get Botox injections, and also people who have muscle disorders should not get Botox injections as well.

The advantages of getting a Botox face lift generally outweigh the disadvantages, especially when compared to the risks associated with getting a face lift through plastic surgery. So if you want to look younger, getting a Botox face lift is the best choice!










October 10, 2014
by tsadmin

The Wonders That Vitamin C Can Do For Your Skin

The wondrous effects and benefits of Vitamin C have been known for centuries and that is why this natural occurring enzyme is now added into skincare as one of the most popular additions. Even centuries ago British sailors had the intelligence to know that this vitamin could help keep scurvy at bay. The research nowadays has revealed surprising facts of just how good it is for your skin whether it is applied topically or taken internally as part of one’s diet.

If you can incorporate Vitamin C, either orally or through a skin product, you don’t have to use any anti wrinkle creams.

The Science Behind it

The sailors who for months were deprived of fresh veggies and portions of fruit suffered from Vitamin C or ascorbic acid deficiencies which caused them to have pain in their joints as well as terrible skin health. Vitamin C is the food source of the production of collagen which is what keeps your skin supple, soft, firm and plump. Cell growth is also achieved through collagen and it is lost as the skin ages. If you used to suffer from scars or tears in the skin, a large dose of it is what is going to promote healing and skin regeneration.

Essentially, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which explains why you often it in the ingredients list of your skincare products such as repair creams and face masks. It helps fight off free radicals and slows down the skin’s natural aging process so that’s an extra brownie point for older people. Free radicals cause the breakdown of collagen reserves so it is very important to protect your skin against them. Certain derivatives of the vitamin can also reverse DNA damage and sun damage. So if you are suffering from either of these issues, either incorporate Vitamin C in your diet or in your topical skincare routine.

Recent Research

Apart from the benefits of Vitamin C that were already known to most people, there has been some recent research which has shown other advantages of being regular with its usage. The first advantage that has been recently discovered is that it is brilliant for curing a bad case of sun burn or extreme damage. It gently pulls back the upper layers of damaged skin to reveal a clearer complexion and it also helps the damaged skin cells to heal themselves faster. It basically protects against ultraviolet B radiation and treats any kind of damage that may have occurred because of it.

A common misconception is that if you apply Vitamin C regularly or if you have a daily intake of it, it is okay to sit in the sun without adequate and proper sun protection. This is certainly not the case and you need to use a sunblock with a minimum of SPF 15 at all times even in the winter to prevent sun damage. But on the whole this antioxidant can only help you get better skin and most people do not have an adverse reaction to it. Since it has mild exfoliating properties, it is best to ingest it more and apply it a few days a week.

It’s obvious vitamin c skin care products are one of the best applications you can use in your skin care regiment.  I’m a big fan of the product in this video, and wholly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a product that contains 22% vitamin c, which is among the best concentration money can buy.