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August 13, 2014
by tsadmin

How Swimmers Can Take Care of Their Skin

I’m a life long swimmer.  That means I’ve been in tip top shape, yet had awful skin to deal with, pretty much my entire life.  Swimmers come across some very common skin problems like irritation, sunburns, rashes and dry skin. Because of the activity, these problems are very common in most swimmers. But you don’t have to worry because there’s a solution to all these problems which is easy and effortless. With the tips listed down below, no matter who you are or where you are, if you swim and face these skin problems, you can easily sort them out.

swimming 300x168 How Swimmers Can Take Care of Their Skin

Swimming is great exercise, but it can be detrimental to the skin if proper precautions are not followed.

  1. Make sure you shower before you jump into the swimming pool. The water inside the pool isn’t hygienic and is the key reason many people may find certain skin issues arising. The key is to take a shower before and after your swim. When you take a shower before your skin, it is well protected from not consuming chlorine while you swim. The water from the shower also helps in greatly increasing your skin’s ability to retain moisture. So it is a great idea to take a shower before and after and remembering not to dry yourself with harsh towel rubs because that puts the moisture of your skin in danger.
  2. Swimming is a very tough exercise. Just with any kind of exercise, it can leave your body dehydrated. So drinking plenty of water when taking part in swimming will benefit you greatly. This will greatly increase the moisture retention ability of your skin and will help you stay away from dry skin. Also remember that if you immediately drink before and after your swim, you can help increase your body to release harmful toxins that may be residing in your body. A typical intake of daily water consists of about 20 ounces of water which should be mostly consumed while you’re taking part in the activity.
  3. Getting a dry skin is one of the biggest issue that many swimmers face. We already mentioned that drinking plenty of water and taking shower before and after your swim can help retain moisture. But sometimes this isn’t enough. So make sure you use plenty of moisturizers to combat the symptoms of dry skin. Get yourself a moisturizer that is rich on squalene and zinc because they are naturally good for nourishing your skin.

Following these tips will greatly increase your skin health and you will never face the problems that are so common amongst swimmers.

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